Norcott Consulting is leading the way in project management outsourcing, bringing the expertise, tools, and technology necessary for twenty-first century grant writing, grant and quality management, and program evaluation.  Our reputation as “trend-setters” and “outside-the-box-thinkers” will produce solutions that result in your team becoming more efficient, competent and confident in the workplace.

About Us

Norcott Consulting is a boutique consulting firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, with clients across Texas and across the Country. Founded  in 2011 by Kellie Norcott, the company focused on consulting projects in the HIV/AIDS nonprofit arenas. in 2011, Norcott Consulting partnered with Provado the Group to offer an expanded portfolio of business solutions that are designed to target efficiency, communication, compliance, and overall effectiveness of a broad range of business needs. The two companies parted ways in early 2015, but Norcott Consulting's ongoing focus is providing specialized, expert consulting to organizations and individuals with a need for assistance, and no budget to hire full time, or even part time, staff members.


The company's guiding principles are Integrity, Ingenuity, and Respect.


When you contract with Norcott Consulting, you'll never worry that that the information we provide to you is inaccurate. When concluding a project, Norcott Consulting provides all collected data, references, and findings to the client for review or further analysis. You can also be sure that your company's digital information is secure and protected by SymantecTM digital security solutions and state of the art encryption technology.


Virtual offices have become commonplace in the 21st century. Norcott Consulting has collected an array of technological advances that make it possible for us to work with you from our virtual office in a way that makes it feel like we're an office door away if you need us. From technology like Go To MeetingTM which allows for on line video and telephone conferencing with presentations and desktop sharing, to services like Office 365TM and One DriveR, where a virtual shared drive can house working documents and can notify you of updates.


"Time is the great equalizer." This maxim is even more true today than when it was coined. Time is the currency we all barter with when we get down to it, and time is the one thing of which none of us has enough. At Norcott Consulting, we'll respect your time, because we know it's limited and we know you don't have any to waste when working on a project or deadline. For each client we'll set personalized time-lines for deliverables to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it.


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