Program Evaluation

Knowing  Your Program Goals

The way to monitor any program is to start from the end of the program and work your way backwards. What do you want to achieve with your program? What do you want the outcomes to be? Once you know the answers to these questions, you've defined your project goals, and are now ready to design a program to achieve them. Our consultants can help you create data-driven program evaluation tools that will help you keep track of whether your program is achieving its goals, and where any deficiencies might reside that are keeping the program from peak efficiency.

Having Relevant Data

Norcott Consulting can help you establish exactly what data to collect for any given program in order to evaluate it effectively and to monitor its progress. We can help you separate the "need to know" data from the "like to know" data so your agency collects relevant and revealing information to report on the programs you provide. Helping your agency establish a data management and data quality plan are two ways our experts can ensure that you are "measuring what matters".

Setting Expectations

When your agency sets out to define the purpose and scope of your programs, you're going to be designing processes that others will need to follow in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Our consultants will help your agency develop comprehensive, sensible Policies and Procedures to ensure your staff understand the scope of the tasks they must undertake. Policies and Procedures are the backbone of any program, and are often required by funding agencies. Norcott Consulting will walk you through the development process for policies and procedures, and provide tools to help you maintain them and keep staff apprised of changes.

Norcott Consulting

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather

than their results” ~ Milton Friedman