Project Management

Becoming a Juggler

Throughout the course of a grant life-cycle, a program manager will manage dozens, if not hundreds of projects, depending on the depth and duration of the project and funding. It is imperative to be organized in the project, and to get regular and comprehensive feedback on the status of projects. Our consultants can assist you in project management processes such as developing a project charter, defining the project scope and key performance indicators (KPIs), developing a budget and time-line, creating a communication plan, and implementing risk management processes. Once these processes are in place, we'll help you juggle and delegate to ensure project completion.

Keeping Balls in the Air

Once the processes are in place, and your agency is ready to launch new programs, our consultants can help you develop methods to monitor KPIs, track the status of the project, assess project quality, as well as create forecasts for future performance. Our team can also help you develop accurate forecasts of future growth and project needs to ensure the project is fully supported through completion and beyond.

And in the End

All grant funding comes to an end eventually. When it does, our consultants can help you with assessing the completion of project objectives, quality deliverables, time and effort, as well as cost tracking, and performance evaluation. At project close, we can help your agency create a "punchlist" for tying up loose ends, meeting required reporting metrics, and conducting a "post mortem" on the overall project and its impact on your agency or the community.

Norcott Consulting

“Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. Program management is like a troupe of circus performers standing in a circle, each juggling three balls and swapping balls from time to time.” ~ G. Reiss