Quality Management

More than Widgets

In the past, it was often adequate to tell a funder "we're going to produce X number of widgets", and you would get your funding.  Over the years, the number of strings attached to grant funding has grown, and none more so than requirements for Quality Management programs that monitor the quality of the widgets your agency produces. Often accompanied by standardized metrics, these quality measurements can often be tricky to understand and difficult to navigate. Our consultants can help you develop a comprehensive Quality Management Plan, tailored to your program, so it meets all Quality requirements of your funding.

Audit Preparation & Training

In addition to requiring your agency to monitor quality, budgets, programs, and other metrics, they['re going to come out to your agency at some point and perform a Site Visit. Site Visits can be intimidating, and the tools used to monitor grant recipient programs can be extensive and complex. Our consultants can help your agency prepare for programmatic, fiscal, or quality audits so your staff has a greater understanding of what is required of the programs funded by your grants.

Plan, Do. Study, Act

No process is more associated with Quality Management Programs than the Plan, Do, Study, Act process, or PDSA. A PDSA cycle is undertaken whenever a deficiency is noted in the quality of a process or product. Plan - gather feedback on ways to improve the process, and create a plan to address the deficiencies. Do - implement the plan for a long enough period to evaluate its effectiveness. Study - study the results of the plan and whether the desired improvements were achieved. Act - either begin the process again if the results were not adequate, or put the plan in place permanently to achieve continuous quality improvement.

Our consultants can help your agency develop PDSA projects in order to meet the quality needs of your agency, and can train staff to implement improvement projects on a regular basis.

Norcott Consulting

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." ~ Aristotle